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Book For 2015-Build Your Essence Music Festival Package-- Below is the FIRST step!!!

Purchase your travel insurance with first trip payment!!!
  FYI-Essence Music Fest 2015    


1) Is the booking fee per person or per group?



The Booking Fee for July and August (8/15/2014):

Individual (That person) Couple (For Both partners) Dueces/Trio/Fab (For the group)

The Booking Fee after 8/15/2015 it will be $100/pp


2) When is the payment due each month?


The payments are monthly – within the month as long as it is completed if the August payment is made sometime within the month of Aug you are okay if it is Sept 1 and you have not made the August payment it is considered late.



3) Looks like the max group is 4. Can we have more than one group and still get tickets to the festival together, i.e. - sitting in the same section/area?


Yes the max group is 4, however for large groups (12 – 16) that would be 3 or 4 fab groups the booking code given will assist in keeping those members together—a leader would have to be name within the group to keep members on target with their payments.


4) I didn't see any terms. What are the terms specific to refunds, late fees, cancellations, etc.


   - I assume the package is non-refundable and any cancellation will result in loss of paid to date amounts.

     Is it transferable before the hotel is booked?

   - How much is the late fee and how many days before automatic cancellation?


It is specified within the packages this is a NONREFUNDABLE PACKAGE – We are acquiring the components of your package from vendors and that is nonrefundable due to contractual agreements we have. We can however transfer the package to another new member that the group acquire’s -- we do not shop for members to take over the package.

The late fee is $25/month -- if two months are missed the package is subject to automatic cancellation.


5) Do you offer trip insurance or will we have to find that on our own?

Trip insurance is available and you can independently purchase from:


The following are the plans available for residents in Texas-go to this link for your individual state:





Our Gold Plan is our most popular package of travel insurance & assistance services. Offering comprehensive coverage for individual travelers and families, this plan includes children 17 and under covered at no additional cost! If you purchase within 15 days of initial trip deposit, this plan provides additional benefits for pre-existing medical conditions, financial default increased Missed Connection to $500, and provides $50,000 Flight Guard coverage. Optional coverage upgrades include Cancel for Any Reason and Medical Evacuation home or to the hospital of choice.

My Travel Guard


A "build your own" travel insurance plan. Includes basic and 24-hour emergency travel services. Customize "My Travel Guard" with coverages and limits to meet your specific travel needs. Optional Coverage Upgrades include Cancel for Any Reason, increased medical, emergency evacuation and baggage coverages, Adventure Sports Coverage, Additional Unforeseen Events Upgrade and more!



Our Platinum Plan is for travelers who want the most comprehensive package of travel insurance coverage and assistance services. If you are looking for the total package that includes our highest level of medical coverage, plus additional benefits when purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment, then this is the package for you! The Platinum Plan also covers for pre-existing medical conditions, financial default - even trip cancellation due to job loss and other covered work reasons! You can also upgrade your Platinum Plan to include optional coverages like Cancel for Any Reason and Medical Evacuation home or to the hospital of your choice!



Our Silver Plan is for travelers and families who want basic comprehensive coverage and access to our 24-hour emergency travel assistance services. This plan provides even more benefits when purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment, including coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and financial default. Each child 17 and under is covered at no additional cost for each adult that purchases this plan.





6) If we wanted to come in earlier, would you coordinate/book it or do we have to work with the hotels ourselves?


You can do either if you book we will add it to your package $175 to $250/night


7) If we wanted to upgrade our tickets to floor, would you be able to do that? I do understand that floor seats are much more expensive?


The only tickets we will have in our packages are the Plaza level and the choice is either full weekend or one night. In the case of one night we will try and consider your first choice!


8) Does each person pay separately or do you require one payment for the whole group?



The package setup that each person pays their portion the exception is the couple that is per couple!!

9) What type of payments do you accept, i.e. - credit card, online, over the phone, checks, money orders, wire transfers, etc?


The payments are handled via our site (PayPal). You are given a receipt that is helpful to keep you on track. We will not take any financial information from you!! It is NOT the tickets for any events that is given directly to you on your arrival to New Orleans by your agency Hotel Coordinator. You will have to sign for the package on delivery

10) Can you choose what hotel you want?

From the list provided on our site as long as it is not SOLD OUT from the rooms in out inventory.


You missed the 20th-Get in on the 21st EMF

Customed Packages Available After Deposit Completed

Block Party a first for 2012-Not to be the last!

Images from 2013 Essence Music Festival

Images from Essence Music Festival 2012

My Essence Music Festival and Capital Jazz Festival packages are designed for a full experience and great vacation value no one likes the feeling of being "nickel and dimed" on their vacation.  The hotels selected are chosen for location, and customer satisfaction-I know that you will love them as much as my past and current client do!  Each year is a learning experience and one aspect of my packages for EMF that I have omitted for 2013 is the roundtrip airport to hotel shuttle.  Airport shuttle has the current contract for New Orleans Airport--they are 1. a great value and 2. 24/7 I will post a link for you to purchase and schedule post trip pick up (you must have your departure time information for this). 

Package payments start Sept 1st- but some clients have request that I give them the option to start payments in August I will set it up so that you have a choice Aug or September to allow for all my vendor's deadlines Thank you!

Travelgal4U-Finding New Places and New Products For You!!

 Brown Sugar Travel was started  on the premise that for people who love to travel - nothing beats personalized service, experience, and attention to detail. While many Internet sites promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, and fine print. Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best course of action for travelers. We hear too many stories of travelers regretting that they didn't call Travelgal4U first.

If you are comfortable and want to make your travel plans visit:

!!!Step off to find great travel deals!!!

Will share the sites and sounds from Essence Music Festival 2012!!! Will post below In August

Comments and/or Suggestion to improve your experience - Let's know what you like!


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  • Brenda, Kim and Jackie (Saturday, July 20 13 01:32 am EDT)

    You had everything for us when we got there. You are awesome and my sister wants to go again. Sorry about a member in our group that was never happy - she will NOT be going next time!!

  • Dandrica's Group (Saturday, July 20 13 01:27 am EDT)

    We had the time of our lives the food, being able to get around the French Quarter and Market. The music was unbelievable. The House of Blues, Next time we will bring our husbands and friends - Set Us Up!!

  • Deajeanie (Tuesday, July 16 13 10:26 pm EDT)

    Amazing is all I can say! You had 90% of what we needed for a great getaway and if you had pull a nice piece like a Lance or Trey out*t I am done. We will see you next year!

  • Cyannia (Thursday, November 01 12 04:00 am EDT)

    Amazing 100 days passed the last time we thought about the Essence Music Festival. And I thought Oh Sh#t we have not done nothing. Keep thinking about all the singers can't wait any longer!

  • Jasmine CaolyneTramina Kim Gina BB Sarah and me Cecily (Sunday, October 28 12 07:38 am EDT)

    Your package is the best, well rounded presentation of what is offered during the Essence Festival. We thank you for your work. With working and family issues we do not have the time to coordinate everything. The travel group on Essence's website was crazy in what was offered and when we tried to organize our group of 8 it was call us when you get it together. Called you and BAM done. Thanks

  • Jessie (Monday, September 03 12 12:50 pm EDT)

    Great package and heard great things about you from the guys looking forward to this.

  • Karen Mitchell (Monday, September 03 12 09:36 am EDT)

    I am so relieved that I found your site. I wanted to go last year but waited on people to make a decision by the time they did it was not what most of us wanted. This time my best friend and I got a package that we can afford and with your suggestions for traveling in all we need to do is get our clothes together. Thanks Travelgal4u (cute name)

  • Steven (Friday, August 10 12 11:45 pm EDT)

    So happy that we went with your package for our first EMF! Well planned, plenty to do and excited for 2013.

  • Cynthia Morris (Thursday, August 09 12 04:56 pm EDT)

    Great package and my group is ready NOW! Thanks

  • Rachel, Kristen,Damien, Sarah (Thursday, August 09 12 04:55 pm EDT)

    Love the new arrangement on your website-you strive to improve what you do and what you offer your clients! And you make adjustments on what we suggest-in other words you are not take it or leave it person. We appreciate that! Thanks

  • Samuel Bishop and friends (Saturday, August 04 12 11:30 pm EDT)

    We did not get our self organize last year to arrange the trip to Essence and we decided hands down to go with your packages and the value in them thanks

  • DaQueen (Friday, July 13 12 04:55 pm EDT)

    Please add me to your email list. I'm interested in partaking in the fun.

  • Sissy and James (Tuesday, March 27 12 12:42 am EDT)

    We are so excited about the Festival and getting back to New Orleans for great music, great food and to see great numbers of beautiful people!!

  • DK Simms (Monday, March 26 12 12:10 am EDT)

    I know we are getting a late start but is it possible to get a package at the time?

  • Rachel, Kristen,Damien, Sarah (Monday, March 19 12 07:49 am EDT)

    I am so pissed that we did not find you when you had the full packages going but we are still happy we got our rooms from you and we could divide the cost among the group---Thanks!

  • Al Cannon (Saturday, March 17 12 02:15 am EDT)

    I looked at the Quintevents package and your is a great choice and even better price

  • Karolin Anderson (Tuesday, February 28 12 10:55 pm EST)

    Thank you! Thank you! We intended to get our package much earlier than now -But it seemed that something always got in the way. You make the process easy-you have the important parts covered. This is our 3rd year going with your agency and you get better each year. Maybe Essence should have you do the festival for them!

  • Arthur Banks (Saturday, February 25 12 08:52 am EST)

    We are so glad that we found your site - We were directed to Quintevents for package the cost was crazy-your packages were better and for a fraction of the cost..go figure???

  • Kaylyn (Saturday, February 11 12 10:26 am EST)

    I'm interested in hotel info for my group. Do you have hotel only packages or do we have to get the all inclusive?

  • Sheila Finster (Sunday, February 05 12 05:06 am EST)

    Our group of 12 appreciated the information and assistance you gave us for our trip. Look forward to meeting you in New Orleans!

  • Kandi (Friday, December 16 11 01:37 am EST)

    Great packages and something to consider when I make my party during the EMF-thanks for the suggestions

  • Debra and James Kinbrook (Thursday, December 15 11 08:09 pm EST)

    Awesome package you put together for the fest and all we need

  • Jadon Spicial (Thursday, December 15 11 02:55 pm EST)

    You were recommend by a group that attended last year and you are working with this year. We are interested in the same arrangement.

  • Arthur and Shauna (Saturday, December 10 11 03:55 am EST)

    This is our fourth year in booking with you and it gets better each year. Just waiting on you to do a party during Essence-for the grown and sexy!!

  • Shelia McCormick (Friday, December 09 11 08:51 pm EST)

    Great find and able to budget our room with what we want in a package. Now on to the air travel

  • Donnika West (Tuesday, December 06 11 06:56 am EST)

    I'm so excited about the Festival and finding you for that trip in a box all we need is flight and we can handle that -but you did take care of the rest. Again thank you!

  • Foster C. Webber (Monday, December 05 11 07:35 am EST)

    You are a geat help getting our small production company arrangements at a reasonable time and plan for the fest!!

  • George Bryan (Friday, December 02 11 02:39 am EST)

    Thanks for the wonderful arrangements you made possible this year and our group is excited about the continue relationship and what Essence Music Fest will bring in 2012

  • George C.Thompson (Saturday, November 26 11 01:12 pm EST)

    Great to have you make our arrangements again this year-Our group enjoyed the Essence Festival and with a larger group this year not to have to deal with gathering up money with you arranging individual payments for all take the worry out of this. Great Job

  • Carole Leeson (Monday, November 14 11 10:47 pm EST)

    Why do you not work with Essence on arranging packages on their website. You know what we need and every year you bring it!!


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  • Mika and Zia (Saturday, March 16 13 01:16 am EDT)

    Vicki has been great to work with. We added several upgrades to our package and the total price is still cheaper than anyone that we've come across.

  • Anita Beckham (Saturday, February 09 13 06:48 pm EST)

    These are good comments, I will be calling on you for 2014 EMF.

  • Jason Wilson (Saturday, February 04 12 05:24 pm EST)

    Please contact me it seems that you have packages for those who fly in, drive in and you have a Motorcoach as well? We have a large group and are very very interested in a organize product!

  • Leslie Sprows (Monday, January 16 12 07:07 am EST)

    You always make a wow statement with your web design and information. What a pleasure to work with you from start to finish on my EMF package. No Stress!!! You are a true travel professional.

  • Jennifer (Monday, January 16 12 12:37 am EST)

    Do you have any more packages for couples

  • Kenneth Veisette (Tuesday, December 06 11 07:00 am EST)

    This is a great site and I can relax each time I visit and I like your soft sell approach. You look at it thru the buyer's eye

  • katrina price (Thursday, November 10 11 10:45 am EST)

    Is there any way to upgrade concert tickets from terrace to loge?

  • Gary McKnight (Thursday, October 27 11 02:36 pm EDT)

    Great website May have to check you out on a carribean cruise

Want to Cruise before or after the Essence Festival - Make this a total vacation -Stay tuned!!
Package for the 20th Essence Music Festval

Last remaining packages listed and available below (NO FLIGHT INCLUDED)


Get Your Package for 2014!!!

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